This is the website of the East meets West workshop, taking place near Göttingen from the 13th-15th February 2013. Fifty participants from nature conservation research and practice across Europe will discuss the transferal of conservation approaches between the different contexts of Western and Eastern Europe. How might outcomes of conservation interventions be affected? What does this mean for the application of EU conservation policies in Eastern Europe? To what extent does our evidence base match the needs of both East and West Europe, and in which areas does understanding or application of knowledge most need to be improved?


Conservation biology has become a major field of interdisciplinary research, with practical relevance for natural resource policy and practice. On the European level, the vast majority of research on this subject has taken place in only a few Western European countries, with relatively little representation of Eastern European ecosystems. However, countries from West and East can differ greatly in many conservation-relevant aspects, such as landscape complexity and vulnerability of species, as well as attitudes of academics, politicians and wider society towards conservation.


The workshop is organised by researchers from the Agroecology and Plant Ecology groups at the University of Göttingen, Germany:

ls    batary    uk    tt

Laura Sutcliffe              Péter Batáry             Urs Kormann          Teja Tscharntke

It is funded by the Volkswagen Stiftung





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