András Báldi – Contrasting conservation value of farmland in East versus West Europe

David Kleijn – Mitigating biodiversity loss on farmland: are strategies developed in the West effective in the East?

Regina Lindborg – A spatio-temporal approach to conservation in agricultural landscapes


Iva Apostolova – Bulgarian vegetation and recent changes

Raphael Arlettaz – Patches of bare ground as a staple commodity for declining ground-foraging insectivorous birds

Ainars Aunins – Recent changes in Latvian farmland and its bird populations

Stephanie Aviron – Role of the cultivated mosaic and its heterogeneity for biodiversity conservation and management in farming landscapes

Ligita Balezentiene – Problems and remedies to invasive species in Lithuania

Miroslava Čierna-Plassmann – Efficiency of agri-environmental policy in supporting of HNV farmland

Lynn Dicks – How evidence-based are the compulsory greening elements in the proposed reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy?

Christina Fischer – Predicting spatial and temporal habitat use of rodents in a highly intensive agricultural area in NE Germany

Jarmila Gabrielová – Prioritization of vascular plants for species conservation

Lubos Halada – Conservation of changed landscape in Slovakia

Tibor Hartel – Collapse and transformation in a rural traditional social-ecological system in Southern Transylvania, Romania

Aveliina Helm – Plant diversity and dynamics in European fragmented grasslands

Irina Herzon – Is the divide in our mind? Reflecting on the points of friction

Iordan Hristov – The state of common birds in Bulgaria before and after CAP implementation: lessons learned

Sven Jelaska – Influence of different thematic and spatial data resolution on the detection of landcover changes

Gwyn Jones – How applied is ‘applied’ research in practice? (And some thoughts on making it more applicable)

Mitja Kaligarič – Socio-economical and political drivers caused grassland fragmentation through land abandonment: three Slovenian cases

Johannes Kamp – One step(pe) further east – conservation strategies for agricultural landscapes in Kazakhstan and Western Siberia

Sebastian Klimek – Characterizing and localizing HNV farming in Germany for an improved conservation of farmland biodiversity”

Pille Koorberg – Pilot study to define High Nature Value (HNV) Farmland in Estonia

Anikó Kovács-Hostyánszki – Management and landscape effects on plant, insect and bird communities on the Hungarian agricultural fields

Tobias Kuemmerle – Post-socialist land use change in Eastern Europe – challenges or opportunities for nature conservation?

Jacqueline Loos – Fostering sustainable development in Transylvania, Romania

Simona Maccherini – Monitoring plant communities for restoration projects

Riho Marja – The importance of agricultural drainage ditches for farmland birds in the North-East EU

Orsolya Máthé – The effects of urbanization on the diversity of birds in an eastern European city

Inge Paulini – Conservation strategies for Transylvanian nature treasures: The case of Maculinea spp.

Vânia Proença  -The use of species-area models to assess biodiversity response to land-use change in multi-habitat landscapes

José Rey-Benayas – “Farmland manicure” in Mediterranean Europe: enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services without competition for agricultural production

Francesc X. Sans – Biodiversity conservation in dryland cereal fields: Understanding the effects of agricultural intensification on plant diversity in NE of Spain

Piotr Skorká – The  effects of sociological changes in the rural community on farmland birds

Jaroslaw Stalenga – Selected aspects of implementation of AgriEnvironment Scheme in Poland

Ana Štrbenac – Wildlife, people and traditional practices – coexistence for successful conservation of grasslands in Croatia

Johannes Timaeus – Science-policy interfaces: linking sciences and policy-making for sustaining biodiversity

Péter Török – Recovery of grassland biodiversity by seed mixtures in Europe: Application circumstances and problems.

Piotr Tryjanowski – Something in the water? Why are there such big differences in the perception of farmland conservation between Eastern and Western Europe?

Chris Van Swaay – Butterfly conservation in East and West

Eneli Viik – Common farmland biodiversity – Agri-environment Scheme (AES) as a tool to preserve it in Estonia


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